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Driving Informations

The road from the airport Heraklion leads directly on to the motorway. Take the 1-st exit in the direction Rethymno/Chania. You will drive about 80 kilometers to Rethymnon.

From the by-pass above Rethymnon, take the exit Rethymnon/Spili/Ag.Galini and then turns sharp - under the Motorway - in the direction Spili /Agia Galini.

One drives continuously southwards for about 30 kilometers to Spili.

After the village Dariyana at the outkirts of Spili, there is a traffic light. One can either drive through Spili - which is recommend - or follow the by-pass to the other end of Spili which again joins the main road.

On leaving Spili it is another 6 kilometers to Kissou-Kambos. In this village (just a few houses at a cross-road) you must take the road to the right, to Kerames (...and to Ligres).

In Kerame be carefull: In the village entrance don`t drive in the direction of the sea but drive straight ahead. The street curves around the upper village and continues to Agalianou.

In the village entrance of Agalianou go sharply to the right, otherwise one lands in a dead end at the village well. Then from Agalianou the road goes down about 4 kilometres along a narrow descending road with many sharp bends, down the mountain in the direction of the sea.

At the fork in the road you take the right hand one down to the Ligres Beach (straight ahead is the road to Agia Paraskevi).

Honestly, you can't get lost! There are enough singns everywhere.